Spaless Weekenders
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About Us 
What started as 2 women escaping their real lives for one weekend 18 years ago has turned into the most unique event planning venture.   Originally, a group of 4 women wanted a weekend away from husbands and kids.   Now we range from coast to coast.  That's right, women come from all over to spend a weekend with their Sisters in Galena, IL.     So if you are looking to exchange your real ife for some wings, a crazy hat, tutu, team building activities for your corporate event,  or just visit with fellow Sisters - come with us and we'll show you How to Spaless!  ​​
​Why 3 Different Registration Buttons? 
Some Sisters come in pairs, others come in packs.  We've created these convenient options for your Spaless registration.   The last button offers the Spaless Option:  Basic or as we like to call it The SOB.  Maybe you have a group and you want to be at a bed and breakfast of your choice, then the Basic is for you.  You'll register for Spaless specials, recieve your tshirt, donate to a charity, and enjoy all Spaless has to offer!   Each Registration Form contains all the information.    But don't try to be a cheapie and just register thinking you'll just tag along.   The store merchants receive the yearly Spaless color for the special edition tshirt so you won't be able to ride on a Sister's coat tails, instead you'll stick out like the only Sister at a Sunday church social in a wig & tutu.  That's how we know who's with us and who's just a groupie wannabe.      But remember, registrations are nonrefundable .  Hey, we gotta pay for the form, this website your reading from, and all sorts of other Spaless Stuff.   As we have done for more than a decade, we work really hard to try and fill your spot if you can't make it. 

Double Occupancy         Triple/Quad Occup            The SOB
    DeSoto House                 DeSoto House               Self-Accommodated
$172 per person                $145 per person                  $39.95

​                                              Spaces Limited           

Standard Double Occupancy at the DeSoto
3-4 in a Room at the DeSoto
Have your own accommodations?